Mackchurch Members Book list


  • Cassuto – Commentary on Genesis –


  • The Wisdom Books -Robert Alter. Job, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes – a translation with commentary.


  • How God became King – Tom Wright. ‘Getting to the heart of the gospels’ AGM
  • Reference

    • Expository Dictionary of NT words – W.E. Vine aging a bit, but excellent way into Greek word meaning from the English text. AGM
    • A Theological word book of the Bible – Alan Richardson. OOP – Anglican background – great reference book. AGM

Commentary and Bible

  • Readings in St. John’s Gospel – William Temple. Out of print, great devotional approach to John. AGM
  • Reading Backwards – Richard B Hays. The OT back story to the four gospels. Easy to read but profoundly insightful. AGM


  • Too Busy Not To Pray – Bill Hybels. Modern prayer classic. AGM
  • Rediscovering Prayer – Pierre Guilbert. Deeply spiritual approach to prayer in a form you can read in a weekend. AGM

 Apologetics and Science

  • God’s Undertaker – John Lennox (ex Mack!) covers a lot of ground for a thin book. AGM

Life Shaking

  • Rich Christians in age of hunger – Ron Sider. Best not to read it before going out for dinner. AGM
  • Inside Out – Larry Crabb. Dealing with our inner spiritual lives. AGM
  • The Great Divorce – C S Lewis. Heaven and Hell. AGM

Literary Theory

  • Mimeses – The representation of reality in Western literature. E Auerbach. AGM