Sunday Services are currently cancelled due to Coronavirus outbreak.

Sunday Morning: 11:00 – 12:00

Sunday Evening : 18:30 – 19:30

We gather at Mack every Sunday. And we’re an eclectic bunch. A rich mix of ages, backgrounds and nationalities.

In the morning (after a cuppa) we head into the main hall at 11:00 for a service which lasts about an hour.

We base all our service content on what we read about in the bible. So we sing songs together, pray together, read and study what the bible says together.

During the morning service we’ll take an offering for the expenses of the church, please do not feel compelled to put anything in the bag but if you would like to help us financially that would be great.

We also give gifts each month to organisations or individuals that the church has decided to support.

And most weeks we’ll enjoy sharing communion together.

On a Sunday evening we meet in the side hall, the services vary in format but are always open to regulars and visitors alike.

The evenings often include teaching from God’s word, prayer, open times of worship and reading the Bible together.