Sunday Mornings: 11:00 – 12:00

We gather at Mack every Sunday morning at 11:00. We’re an eclectic bunch, a rich mix of ages, backgrounds and nationalities.

In the morning we meet at 11:00 for a service which lasts about an hour, followed by tea, coffee and cold drinks aftrwards.

We base all our service content on what we read about in the bible. So we sing songs together, pray together, read and study what the bible says together.

Sunday Evenings:

We do different things each week on a Sunday evening.

The first Sunday of each month, we don’t meet in the evening because we run an afternoon activity for young families at Mack.

The second Sunday of each month, we read the bible together on Zoom at 7pm. We normally use relevant passages from current semon series or home gorup topics. Anyone is welcome to join.

The third Sunday of each month we hold communion where we take bread and wine together at 5pm at Mack. You’re welcome to join if you’re a comitted Christian.

The fourth Sunday of each month we run a bible study following the Discipleship Explored series. We meet at 5pm for an hour at Mack, anybody is welcome to join us.